Saturday, March 15, 2014

The last few months...

Hi!! I'm so glad to be back to my little space. It has been a long time, and much has happened.

Here are our last few months (in no particular order...)

 We flew across the country!

Last picture in the old house... approx 6 wks pregnant

We got to go visit my family!

We surprised my husband's grandma for her birthday...

We got snowed in about 2 days after unloading our moving truck...

We were thankful for the fireplace.... We've never had one before!

This is a picture of R playing in the rain. We aren't used to having weather and seasons!

He is not as sure about that rain as his brother....

We attempted the movie theater for the first time in a long time.....but we got the time wrong for the movie we wanted to see. It was probably a good thing, because even a special movie at home ended up being very....eventful.

We made our own popcorn, ate candy (then a kid threw some up...too much sugar), drank homemade tea, and watched "the Dusty movie" as we call it around here. And there were many, many potty breaks. We were glad to not be at a movie theater for all that. :)

Then it snowed again! Since my husband and I were too lazy to get dressed... we brought the snow inside! I made a "snow sensory bin" and the kids played with it near the fireplace. The snow actually took a long time to melt, and it was nice to be able to un-thaw little fingers every now and then.

We visited my grandparents. This was first thing in the morning... love those little sleepy faces.

Here, we are at my husband's grandma's house. Obviously, it is warm there! Short sleeves!

Playing with bubbles is The. Best. Thing. Ever.

I got to visit with my friend that I haven't seen in like 7 years? We can't remember how old we were. It was so great to catch up!

Then we got to go to Sea World! The turtle we are looking at totally looks like Crush from Finding Nemo.

About a minute after I said, "Maybe it is time to go home? What should we do about dinner?" the little man fell asleep. So we got all the awake people dippin dots and kept walking around for awhile :)

I apologize for some of the pictures in this post. I seem to have a hard time with the focus. But! I would rather have kind of crappy pictures than none at all. I'll just have to practice more! :)

Also, I omitted a lot of pictures of family members here, because I'm not sure what the rules are about that. But just so you know, there were a lot of other people around ;)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'll be back!

Some of my friends and family members have noticed my absence in this space lately.

We have moved into our new home, and are (mostly!) unpacked. We have been enjoying our new proximity to family members within 2 to 6 hrs away for the first time since we first got married.

However, these are not the reasons for my silence.

Our laptop was stolen from a hotel we stayed at during our move. We left it in the room, checked out, and then called a little later, only to find out it was missing. (The guy quit the company a few days later, what a coincidence!)

I am thankful that thanks to insurance, we should be getting a new one soon. However, we still are kind of mourning the lost pictures and personal documents.

So guys, no matter how distracted you are by children... always turn back and check one more time when you leave your hotel room ;) oh wait, that's me!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Surprise! and a story.

We found out this week that we are expecting a baby!

A little backstory...

A few months ago, I was feeling pregnant, even though tests kept coming back negative (tip: Dollar Tree pregnancy tests are just as good, I usually have a stockpile of them!). I was falling asleep early and exhausted. Since I have two kids, I recognized feeling pregnant, but thought that maybe it was just all the craziness of being back from vacation and my husband being home from deployment that was wearing me out.

Finally I texted my Mom one day that Aunt Flo was visiting, and went about my day. My cramps that day were horrible, and I was thankful to have a friend over who wanted to sit on the couch, knitting and chatting together so that I had an excuse to relax.

That night, probably around 2 in the morning, I told my husband he had the kids, because I had to get out of bed. I was in terrible pain. It felt like (mild) labor. After I came back to bed, the pain had subsided and I went back to sleep. I had a miscarriage.

The next morning, I called my mom and told her that I was fine, I wasn't sad. Until I started sobbing. I hadn't wanted that baby. Everything in my life felt challenging and overwhelming, and my husband and I were still struggling to reconnect after deployment. I felt like it was my fault that the baby hadn't survived. But I felt better after crying with my mom. I knew that it wasn't logical that I had caused a miscarriage. Sometimes the way we feel just is, whether it makes sense or not. (I did a lot of research, and found that most people now think that chromosomal abnormalities is the reason that a fetus does not survive, and not necessarily due to something the mother has done, although there are environmental toxins that can be dangerous to a growing baby)

I was depressed for about a month after that. Not in a "I'm so sad.... what would that baby have been like?" kind of way. I don't think I could have expressed it even that fully. Both my husband and I just felt.... off. Like something was missing. Miscarriage was one of the strangest feelings I have experienced thus far. It isn't something that is really talked about, nor is there often a solution or cause available. Also, people say DUMB stuff about miscarriage, and I didn't want to tell anyone, for fear that I would hold it against them if they did so.

That all being said, when we found out this week that we are PREGNANT, it wasn't a surprise exactly. We weren't trying to get pregnant, nor did I think that I was pregnant (I'm still nowhere as tired as I was with my miscarriage) so it was a surprise in that way.

God is good. This baby's due date is September 15, a year to the day that my husband returned home from deployment. We are excited and trusting God for the full pregnancy and wonderful birth of this baby.

I guess I can start planning my next topic: Maternity Style! ;)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Getting back to "normal"...

 Lately.... Its been a lot of teething and hanging out with this guy. I find that my kids get clingy when they start to make big milestones. E is 18 months old now, and his vocabulary is expanding every day. He astounds me! We are also entering that "terrible two" phase (which is more like 18 months to 30 months or something) where he is wanting to do things his way. It's an odd phase, and one that feels a bit easier the 2nd time around ;) He hasn't been in the wrap in a long time, and he thought it was hilarious!

Took a day to go visit a cavern. The entrance was so big! We couldn't believe it.

This was our favorite. I think it was called a Whale Mouth or Whale Cave?

There is water in the desert!

I have begun knitting myself some rainbow socks! This part will be the leg. I am using Elizabeth Zimmerman's moccasin sock pattern. If you are a knitter and not familiar with Elizabeth Zimmerman, she is amazing and basically a knitting genius. :)

This is the "cave" my kids have been playing in. Moving does have some perks!

We have started packing our first boxes. About two weeks left until things start to really get crazy around here! Which means... I need to pack some more boxes today ;)

I have been online house hunting A LOT. I seem to like either really big or really small old houses. Hmm... I am so ready to be there in person. Looking online is wonderful, but there are certain things you just can't see/feel/smell until you are there.

I don't know about you, but the holidays threw me way off! Today is my husband's first full day back to work in a long time, and I am planning to put music on, candles lit, maybe crack a few windows, and clean this place up. It has gotten way out of control! And I can feel it. I am ready to be in control again.