Sunday, November 24, 2013

(30 Days to a More Naturally Vibrant You) Day 24: It's OK to be fabulous

I mentioned a few days ago the idea of an outfit being totally you, and its time to begin figuring out what that means.

Especially as moms, it is easy to lose sight of our selves sometimes. All the things that need to be done for our families, our children, and our homes often leave us drained and distracted. Sometimes I really would just rather eat a pint of ice cream at night or get 30 more minutes of sleep in the morning than do something to really take care of myself (like showering or exercising!). It is good to start building better habits slowly, and I also find that some phases of mine or my children's lives give me more time for that, whereas other phases just zoom by and I'm lucky if I get sleep.

Just hours into being a mommy of 2
I want to talk about pulling ourselves out of that. After my second son was born (probably around 3 months postpartum) I remember one day feeling like pushing through a fog or waking up from a dream and thinking, Wait, I'm a person. I'm a woman. Its time to get in touch with me a little bit. Who am I now?

Women go through so many big life changes all the time. Our style is very much dictated by that. When you are pregnant your style is different than when you are breastfeeding is different than when they start becoming more independent, and I'm sure your style changes once they get to that school age category and beyond... but I'm not there yet! Right now I'm in the I have two preschool-toddler-ish-boys phase. I like to look cute, and I need to be able to move around, but I have a bit more flexibility with certain things, like breastfeeding access (we don't nurse that often during the day, and not usually when we are out so my clothes can be a bit more structured) and jewelry (when they first start grabbing things it seems like all fun earrings and necklaces are out!)

We also go through sizes and body shapes like crazy. I don't have a point in saying that, but come on! Its crazy! I have 3 different totes with sizes for each time my body does a baby-cycle, not including the clothes hanging in my closet!

Today I want you to give yourself permission to be fabulous. To recognize that you are not "just" a mom, wife, sister, daughter, whatever you consider yourself to be. And I want you to give yourself permission to look and feel beautiful. It is not vain to want that. God created us with a desire to feel beautiful, and we are lovely! Please, push away those feelings that it doesn't matter how you look because no one notices anyways.... or that it is wrong or selfish to take time to take care of yourself.

Tomorrow we are going to talk about cultivating your personal style. :) Eeeee!

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