Saturday, November 2, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 2: 3 everyday hairstyles

Information overload: There are a billion ways that I can be cute and style my hair and I MUST LEARN THEM ALL..... AHHHH!!!!


I think that there are probably 3 or 4 ways that you wear your hair on a regular basis. Or that you easily could, if you remembered to do it.

I challenge you to find 3 or 4 easy, everyday styles that will keep you from leaving your hair blah. Whatever blah means for you... whether that means you didn't comb it at all, or you left it in an awkward half bun thing, or maybe its a ponytail (but not a cute one... you know) or whatever.

I think that we don't need to know all the different ways to be cute, or how so-and-so does it. What we all need to figure out is how to be our own version of best. I just wanna be the best me I can be.... not the best you I can be. Right?

So, I will show you my usual styles, and maybe I can inspire you to find cute ways to wear your hair on a normal basis. All those crazy pinterest styles are great for special occasions, but we need to be cute in a normal, everyday way.... not I-have-to-keep-pushing-my-bobby-pins-back-in-100-times and

Hairstyle #1
Hair down, and kinda wavy. Pretty much how it naturally looks
Hairstyle #2

Those tiny elastic things... stretch it out!

And cheese! Side pony, done.
Hairstyle #3

Put it up in a high pony

Tease it by brushing downward with a large brush

Grab the hair and pull it around the front

Then around toward the back

Then I used a large ponytail to put it in a bun

And done! This is my favorite and most faithful hairstyle :)

So there you go! I didn't say they were special or complicated... but they keep me from getting too blah about my hair. Sorry for the kind of awkward pictures... I'll get the hang of this! I'm kind of goofy... so just pretend like I was showing you in person and then its less weird ;)

So, what are your 3 easy hairstyles that keep you looking fabulous?


  1. Hmm...maybe I wear a bun too much. Sophia is mortified if I try to give her one even if it's out of necessity like for swim practice. To keep my hair looking great, I try to blow it out at least once a week. Then it looks good up or down. Wash and wear only looks good for me on the first day. You look great with long hair!

  2. That's a good idea, Kim. I don't blow dry my hair very often. I should try it and see how it affects my hair that week!

  3. Very good point: It's about finding a few things that work for you and your life, rather than envying those people who appear to always have amazingly complicated hair. I usually switch between curls, a ponytail with curls (for the day after I wear my curls and have yet to wash my hair), lightly straightened, and some form of pigtails/braids for days when I need to give my head a heat-break. I need to add that bun you showed us to my repertoire. Looks super easy and cute!

    Also, I wanted to comment on how pretty your hair is long! I remember you never had it long when we were kids, but it looks great like that!

  4. Thanks, Heather! Good luck with the bun, I'm sure you would rock it!