Tuesday, November 12, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 12: Do some secondhand shopping!

This week I got to go thrift shopping without toddlers in tow. Props to my husband for the me-time!

Here's some tips for hitting up a secondhand store....

Step 1: Make yourself a coffee

This is a serious ordeal people. There will be dust, and unreadable tags, and lots of ugly clothes. You are gonna need that caffeine!

Step 2: Read up

Scroll through some fashion blogs. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, where you have a limited amount of clothing (say around 50 or so) that all kind of work together and are able to mix and match. Thetinytwig has a great series on this concept, as well as an e-book if you prefer to read it that way! We will talk about this more in the future! ;)

My favorite resources for fashion are actually the Lucky books. I have both The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style and The Lucky Shopping Manual . Both of which I bought used on amazon for ridiculously cheap. I feel less guilty that way :) I have learned a lot about myself and about style from these books! I almost have the guide to mastering any style memorized ;)

Step 3: Make a (loose) plan

There should be specific things you are keeping your eye out for, otherwise you will get overwhelmed. Also, you may miss something amazing because you weren't focused (no pressure, right?) But be flexible, if you go for jeans but find an amazing top, don't ditch the top just because it wasn't on your list.

Step 4: Try a lot of stuff on!

My friend and I had an OVERFLOWING cart of stuff, and we each left with only a few pieces (within our $20 goal, yess!!) You never know how things are going to look once you have them on, because sizing is a more vague concept at a thrift store. One era's 16 might be another's 10. Which reminds me, don't pay too much attention to the sizing. :)

My Shopping Trip:

I knew that I was looking for some long sleeves, some mid-rise jeans, dresses (always) and skirts (I have a weird lack of skirts in my closet for a girl that wears skirts and dresses so much...). Also I was hoping to find some boots if I was so so lucky (I wasn't).

What I ended up with:

A gray sweater dress with a cowl/off the shoulder neckline
 -Gray is one of my neutrals, check
 -Long sleeves, check
 -Dress, check

Thrifted dress with black tights and flats (old, target)
Lighter wash mid-rise Levi's (still with the tags!)
 -Mid-rise, check
 -Light rinse, not sure about that, but I can always dye them darker
 -Brand new and a sturdy brand, score!

Thrifted jeans and tank with wedges and a beaded necklace from 31 bits
Cotton corset style tank
 -White is my favorite color, check
 -Corset style complements my romantic style, check
 -Buttons, which are nursing friendly, check

A glittery slate tiered skirt
 -Great for dressing up
 -A bit funky/glamorous
 -Similar to something I saw in one of my Lucky books, awesome!
 -In my color palette, so it will mix and match.

What do you think?

Chambray, the Loft Outlet. skirt, thrifted. shoes... rack room?

Obviously, this blogging is very new to me. I love thrifting, but from this post experiment, I have discovered that it is more nerve-wracking to write about something I just bought. Its easier to write about pieces that I have had time to experiment with. This sparkly skirt is so fun, but I wasn't sure what to wear with it. I think that it would be easier in the summer, too.
Also, those jeans up there are not what I would normally buy, but I think I like them... I'm just not used to them yet.
The dress is really flowy, and might not have enough structure to be one of my favorites. Maybe with a belt and leggings I would like it better.

Now I'll try it with a blazer...

Husband likes it this way :)
What do you think? Does it take you some time to experiment with new articles of clothing too?

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  1. I like the blazer combo too! You have such and eye for these things!