Wednesday, November 13, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 13: Love your home

I think it is so important to love your house. I grew up as an army brat, and I can remember how amazing it was that my mom could always make our new house feel like home. I think that is a huge part of why it has been important to me to love my home. I am a stay at home mom, so the kids and I are here most of the time. When the house is tidy, organized, and filled with things we find beautiful, I think we are all more at peace. I have noticed that I am very sensitive to my environment. It can have a great effect on my mood when it is the way I like it. However, when the house is cluttered, dirty, and unorganized, it is so easy for me to feel overwhelmed and uninspired.
My craft area before...

Yesterday I was a woman on a mission. I scrubbed bathrooms and cleaned a very dirty kitchen, painted my "new" hoosier cabinet (that I bought off of craigslist), picked up all those toys that had been accumulating in every corner, rearranged furniture, and lit candles for our pizza dinner.

My new hoosier cabinet, with a fresh coat of paint!
This morning, I feel refreshed by my house. Things are in order, and I feel ready to tackle some of the hidden clutter that I know lurks behind closet doors. I am ready to bake bread and invite friends over.
I am loving this new work area!
The most exciting (nerd alert!) task that I have for today is going through my craft items, purging what I won't use.... planning to finish projects that are not done (and ditching the ones I know I won't do!) and then finally... putting everything into cute containers and organizing it into my new hoosier. I love me some vintage furniture :)

What is a step you can take today to love your home?


  1. My house has gotten out of control while trying to manage my new responsibilities. I'm getting back on task with Flylady just like I did when I was just starting out as an Army wife.

    That cabinet is AMAZING! Good find...

  2. Moving and big life changes really can throw things into chaos! Good luck taming yours!

    My husband really doesn't get the cabinet (and why I'm so in love with it). Maybe its a chick thing :)

  3. Great post Adrienne, I would love to come over for coffee.

  4. Awesome, Adrienne. Don't forget - you're the MAIN reason your house is so sunny and bright and happy :)

  5. Thanks Wendy! I think we reflect each other... when I'm happy, my house is happy. When my house isn't happy, I'm not happy either (And I'm referring to happy as a vague term, I definitely don't mean perfect or super clean!) and vise versa. :)