Thursday, November 14, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 14: Have coffee with a friend

This morning... I have invited over 2 of my neighbors, a new acquaintance, and a close friend to come have coffee and muffins at my house.

The thing is, it feels so crazy leading up to it. Last night... something happened. I didn't realize he could reach it, and my little guy dropped my coffee pot. shatter!
 The kids woke up at 5.
My friend just arrived for her monthly visit.
The muffins fall apart when you take them out of the silicone cups (maybe too many blueberries?) so I have poured the batter into bread pans and am crossing my fingers it will be done and delicious in an hour.

But the coffee...
Funny thing is, around here, coffee is kind of a big deal. My husband and I had a coffee bar at our wedding, where you could make your own coffee drink with syrups and milks.

We drink MANY cups of coffee a day.

We pick each other up coffee drinks when we want to show love.

I was friends with a local coffee shop owner at my last place because coffee there got me through deployment some (most) days.

And the coffee pot is broken.

But this morning.... my husband will be giving me a refresher course. Because I'm making lattes. And I have a French press. And for goodness sake, I will jimmy-rig that coffee pot if I need to.

Because I am determined to reach out and build a connection with other women, other Mamas with Little Ones.
Our coffeemaker/espresso maker combo... minus the coffee pot :(

We are all so lonely sometimes, and the days can be so long. And it is hard to reach out to others who don't seem to reciprocate.... because our culture is losing the art of friendship and socializing. We are not meant to do this alone.

So, reach out. Make a friend. Make some coffee. Or ya know, tea... if you're one of those. ;)

(I'm kidding... I strive to replace some of my coffee consumption with tea... one day)

Think of someone you can have coffee with... You just might make her week.


  1. I sure miss coffee with you! Great advice. :-)

  2. Ooh, me too Mandy! Nobody can keep up with my decorating madness like you can! ;)