Friday, November 15, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 15: Spice Up Your Outfit with a Scarf!

Its fall. Where I live, its barely fall, as in we just started wearing long sleeves a few weeks ago. I think the people here have been pretending for awhile though. I see other women wearing knee high boots and jeans while I have still been in sundresses. Umm... it is 85 degrees out, people.

The point is, its SCARF season! Yaaaay! Unless you live in Europe, where it is scarf season always. I have just started getting into it, mostly because I am soooo cheap. I would own a hundred scarves if I didn't always stand there and decide about paying "x" amount for it. I'm getting better about not being so cheap though...

 If you love it and will wear it, it is worth the purchase (assuming you actually have the money for it. If not, cheap on!). I think this is where that whole price per wear thing comes into play. Like if you buy something for $20, and wear it 20 times, that was $1 per wear. If you buy something that is only $5, but you only wear it once, that is $5 per wear. No bueno.
Husband bought me this scarf... he has good taste! ;)

I think with all the tutorials out there about how to wear scarves, and all the ways you can tie them, we kind of overthink it. I've heard that in Europe, they just throw them around their necks without hardly a glance in the mirror. So ladies, let's quit overthinking it!

Find a gorgeous scarf in a pattern that will spice up your wardrobe and throw it on. Or rather, grab that scarf that has been hanging in your closet unworn forever. If its in your closet because you don't like it, then ditch it! But if you have been holding onto it because you love it but are self conscious, stop. Nobody is gonna judge your scarf (Unless it is truly hideous. Just ask a friend, she will probably tell you if it is!), and it will make you look cozy and put together at the same time!

I'm having an off day today, but I plan to show you more ways I wear scarves in future outfit posts!

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