Tuesday, November 19, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 19: Organize

I don't know about you... but I go through phases and spurts. This week my personal clothing and style has been more laid back, and my desire to work on projects around the house has been my priority. I have been knitting like a fool making a sweater for my 3 year old. I am currently working on the first sleeve... so I should be able to show you the finished product in a few days. Hooray!!

I have also been working on organizing and trying to get the house to that sweet spot where it is easy (well, easier) to maintain. That includes finally taming two beasts. You know those things that you just avoid and avoid, and you don't even know why you are doing it? Well, my bathroom was that way for awhile. I just had this giant basket sitting on the counters overflowing with all of my stuff in one big jumble.
So, here it is AFTER:
I have a tree from Hobby Lobby (that I spray painted Jade) that I hang all of my necklaces, smaller bracelets, and dangly earrings on.
In the red metal bucket (which I intend to spray paint silver) are my bulky items... my hairbrush, hairspray, makeup removing wipes, chunky bracelets, and small hand mirror.
On the countertop you also see a small jar, which holds my makeup brushes, tweezers, nail file, and nail brush (old toothbrush!).
There is also a plastic 3 compartment thing. One compartment holds an old black and white jewelry box, which holds my stud earrings. The second compartment is my makeup (just a blush, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and one eyeshadow compact) and then in that third compartment is my nail polish and clippers. As you can see, I have a minimalist makeup selection... I buy the natural stuff (a lot of this I bought when I was travelling and got to visit Whole Foods!) so I only buy what I currently need and use.

Under the sink is a basket (the one that used to sit on the countertop overflowing) that holds my hair appliances: 2 curling irons, a flat iron, a hairdryer, hair clippers, a scissor kit, and a round brush.
I may at some point hang these with command hooks inside the cabinets... But this bathroom has a lot of cabinet space, so I may just leave it like this. Every house is so different!

The other beast: I have always had space for my crafting stuff somewhere, but it has often been in such a big tote and a mess that I could never find anything. Last week I mentioned the Hoosier Cabinet that I painted and needed to organize.....
Well here it is! All organized! A happy craft space :D
See the sewing mats hung on the wall? :)
The coral and white ceramic canister (From Target) holds ribbons, the box in the back is blank cards
This is traditionally the flour sifter. I just put my large odd sewing notions in there.

Isn't it happy!?!?!


The first drawer... I added new contact paper, and it is holding some things ready for etsy
2nd drawer... all my pretty papers/scraps/stencils

The bottom cabinet.... This is all my fabric. I need to fix the shelf. :)
So, that's my organization inspiration for the day. Having things that I use regularly organized in a beautiful way inspires me to keep my house a place that is comfortable and fun to be in. Plus, my husband was happy to be able to see the counters in the bathroom!!
What are you going to organize this week?


  1. I organized my computer desktop!

  2. I love when things are pretty and organized. My life feels chaotic when I am not organized. I am working on my holiday decor storage room today. ;-). Ps... Your farmer's market basket made me smile.

  3. Awesome job, ladies! :) I feel the same way Mandy, I don't like chaos!