Saturday, November 23, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 23: Learn to dress your shape

Learning to dress in lines that are flattering for your body is so important. Sometimes it can take a lot of work to find just the right pieces, but when you do find them, you will feel timeless and able to make things work in your wardrobe that might not work otherwise. A flattering outfit is better than a trendy outfit any day.

All of us have an area that is the smallest part, and need to learn how to flatter it.

For me, I'm an hourglass. While this is the "sought after" shape, it still has its challenges. A lot of clothes are not made for this shape. For me, my chest and my hips are the largest part of me, and my waist is the smallest. So, if I don't accentuate my waist, I just look like a big rectangle, and it makes me look bigger than I am.
I feel the best with a structured bottom and my waist accentuated

For others, maybe you are a circle. You gain weight more in your midsection, and your legs (and probably arms) are your smaller areas. So, you need to wear things that are slimmer in your arms and legs, and something looser in the waist. Empire waists are made for you! When an hourglass wears an empire waist, she looks pregnant. When a circle wears an empire waist, it looks so flattering. I have had a really hard time giving up my empire waist shirts!

Some of you might be a triangle. Your hips are larger, and you have narrow shoulders and waist. So for you, it is all about creating balance. You want to create a straight line from your hips down with wider leg pants and skirts that have some structure, and you want to emphasize your shoulders with wider necklines, structured jackets and that kind of thing.

There is also a shape called the inverted triangle. You ladies have broader shoulders and chest and a small waist and legs. You ladies can rock the fuller skirts and wide legs pants, and emphasize that waist!

And the last shape for today is the rectangle. This figure is often referred to as boyish, because there isn't a lot of definition in the waist and you may not have "curves". So your goal in dressing is to create curves where you want them. Choose things that give you curvy lines above and below your waist but not at your waist, if that makes sense. So no empire waist tops for you, but you can do flowy sleeves, a blazer to nip in your waist, a flowy skirt, boot cut jeans, anything to create extra oomph where you want it.

All this being said, this is for the ideal scenario. Sometimes we choose to own things that are not in our "shape" category. That is your choice, if you love the way it looks or just love the essence of that item enough. But we need to know that it is not going to be the most flattering thing for our bodies. A full length mirror comes in handy for checking this. We all pretty much ignore the skinny jean thing... as in how no one really looks good in them.

Lost in a Spotless Mind has a great post on proportions and lines with illustrations. :) Check her out!

Figuring out which shape looks best on you is the first step in building up your cohesive wardrobe. So today, evaluate your wardrobe and really look at the shapes and lines that the items are creating. It isn't your body that's wrong... its the clothes on it!

Do you know what your shape is?

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