Monday, November 25, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 25: Cultivating your personal style

Today I want you to start thinking about how you classify your style... It may be a style that you currently wear, or it may be what you wish you could wear. You can! Unless it is some unattainable piece of clothing, like tight leather pants but you are pregnant and it always rains outside... you can wear some version of what you "wish you could".

I have put a lot of thought into what style category I fall into, and I have finally come up with a title for it that I am happy with.

"kate winslet" from my mood board
I am a Romantic Eclectic. I dress different almost everyday. Sometimes my outfit is proper and ladylike, sometimes slightly bohemian. Sometimes my outfit is simple with Native American accessories, sometimes it is extravagant with chiffon everywhere.
"in the moment: skirt" from my mood board

My point is, I couldn't figure out how I fit into some of the groupings I was familiar with. But I realized, no matter what, there is always some romantic, whimsical element to my outfit, even if I am dressed kind of masculine or sexy or sporty. I can't help but be romantic.

For me, that means that maybe I am wearing pearls where they might not seem to match, or there is lace peeking out somewhere, or maybe its a sweet pair of shoes, or bright pink lipstick. Maybe it's just that my waist is cinched in. Those are my favorite touches to add to an outfit, but outside of that, I am kind of anything goes. I like all different kinds of styles. Romantic Eclectic. I am giddy to have a name for it.

"romantic lunch date"
"romantic lunch date" from my mood board
My mom is kind of Country Glamorous. It took us forever to figure out what she was, until it kind of smacked us in the face. OF COURSE! You are country!! Sometimes it is so close to us we can't see it. OF COURSE I'm a romantic!! For my mom, that means that she likes denim, plaid, boots, and vests. But she also likes to mix it up with sparkly things like a bright bracelet, or a modern element to keep it from looking like she works on a farm.
Picture is from pinterest, unknown source

And the thing is, usually it doesn't fall into a category that you can take a quiz and figure out. Study yourself. Recognize the things that you like and accept them, and figure out how to make your different (maybe seemingly conflicting) styles work out.

On Pinterest, I have a "finding my style" board, and a "makeup/hair" board, and a "mood board". The mood board is where I try to put only my most favorite looks, and the others are filled with the outfits and images that inspire me in my own wardrobe. Make yourself some pinterest boards and start pinning away. When you feel drawn to something, pin it. After you have pinned a whole bunch, go back and look at them collectively and individually. What is it about them that you are drawn to? Stripes, simple tops, cinched waists, flats, belts, and romantic hair are all elements of my mood board.

Picture from pinterest, unknown source

I also find that our styles are always evolving and changing, and this is not meant to put you in a box, but to free you to wear what you truly love. That feeling of "I have nothing to wear!!" can be eliminated if we own clothes that are flattering and if they fit into that category of being just so me. And if you really love them, you will be able to mix and match them with each other to create wardrobes that are unique and make sense.

Romantic hair, chiffon shirt, and a grandpa cardigan
 I have elements in my closet that don't seem to go together, like a rainbow plaid scarf and a lacey dress... but because I love them both, I am able to make them work by throwing on a blazer and a pair of bright flats, balancing out an even amount of dressy and casual/quirky elements (the dress and blazer are dressy, the bright scarf and flats are casual and quirky)

So, get to pinning ;)

Am I making sense to you, or am I missing something? I hope you will tell me what you discover from your pinterest boards! What words would you use to describe your style?

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