Tuesday, November 26, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 26: Choosing your colors

Pretty soon we get to start talking about what pieces you might want to find/buy/use to have a cohesive wardrobe. It's all about buying wisely so that your pieces are versatile and can mix together.

But first, we need to talk about colors.

I think that it is really important to have general wardrobe colors. Let me give an example.

Adrienne 2 years ago: (Out Shopping) Oh, this top is so cute. But its teal... I already have so much teal in my wardrobe. Does it come in any other colors? I really want a colorful wardrobe. They have purple. I don't really like purple that much... I guess I'll try it.

Lady at walmart 2 years ago says to me: You really like that color! (I was wearing different versions of teal/aqua/turquoise, including a baby sling). Me: Grrr! She thinks I'm wearing too much teal!

Adrienne now: Oooh, they have it in teal! That's my color!!

Lady at walmart could say: You really like that color! And now I'd say: Yeah, girl! That's my color!

(I'm actually saying it more like gangsta or something... like color without the R and said looooong, like cull-uh. And it's so gangsta that I explained it, right? :))
The aqua dress I lived in this summer

3 things you need to consider when choosing wardrobe colors

1. Your skin tone
Some people don't think you need to worry about this... but I'm old school I guess. I do think so! You want to look vibrant! It is much harder to look vibrant if all your clothes make you look washed out or sickly. I am very fair-skinned, so I learned this young. People would ask me if I was ok, had I been crying, do I feel sick, etc. It was usually because I was wearing black and I just look terrible in black!

There is a book called "Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad" by Shari Braendel (the book has some good tips, although the actual clothing examples are geared towards professional middle aged women, I think) and she has a great color test that you can take online to give you tips about what looks good for your skin tone. Also, if you want it, you can buy the color swatches, and those are the colors that she recommends for your skin tone, which is pretty cool. (I am a SOFT, in case you were wondering)

2. The clothes you have in your closet
What colors do you have hanging in your closet right now? Are you happy with them? Do you feel bored when you think of all the neutrals and wish you had more color? Or maybe you have so many colors that it is hard to find things that go together?

3. Your preferences
When I found out I was supposed to be wearing mostly pastels and medium tones, I thought I hate pastels. Slowly I realized that the only sort of pastel colors I liked were coral and aqua. So when I came upon the idea of having wardrobe colors from Putting Me Together I already knew what my two main colors were.
Coral and mint together, happy combination!

Time to Choose

So, keeping in mind that my skin tone is a soft and I am a romantic, my wardrobe colors are:

Main Neutral: Ivory
Secondary Neutral: Gray
Main Color: Coral
Main Color: Aqua
Accent Color: Yellow
Leather: Cognac

Now, this does not mean that these are the only things I own. It just means that I keep this in mind when I am shopping, or if I'm trying to decide whether or not to purge an item. I no longer buy anything black ever (although I am considering some black skinny jeans). Also, my accent color is yellow, but my favorite shade is a kind of mustard-y color, which is not flattering for me. So I like to wear it in subtle ways, rather than as like a shirt or scarf (which would look terrible right next to my face!)

If my style was more rock and roll, I would pick gray as my main neutral (since my skin tone is soft, I would only use black sparingly and away from my face)

If my style was more country or earthy, my main neutral would be a medium brown, with ivory and espresso being my secondary neutrals. Or even olive green!

If my style was more classic, I might choose ivory and navy blue as my neutrals.

Try to see the whole picture. Also, look at your pinterest boards! What colors do you see there? I have accepted mustard as my accent color because it is all over my pinterest boards, even if it isn't flattering to me, I try to sneak it in subtle ways.

I think choosing your main colors is about finding out which colors are in your flattering range, and then picking two or three favorites!

What are your wardrobe colors? How does it coordinate with your personal style?


  1. I am a Clear! Did you order the swatches?

    1. Yes, you definitely are a clear! I didn't order the swatches, but my mom is a soft and she did (so I have seen them). I think it would be pretty cool to be able to take them shopping with you, if you have a hard time choosing colors. But if you only have a few wardrobe colors you stick to, you may not need them.

  2. Niiiice. I'll have to check out that book - I checked out the (fairly amusing, retro) "Color Me Beautiful" from the library and promptly cleaned out 2/3 of my closet. "But I love brown! I love that weird rust orange and olive green! Oh right. My skin looks creepy yellow in those colors." I'm good with black, though, so send me your hand-me-downs?

    1. If I find any black pieces lingering, I will totally send them your way! ;) You could totally rock a pair of rust or olive green pants though. Or a black shirt that has some of your favorite colors in a small pattern maybe?