Wednesday, November 27, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 27: Let's get ready for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! For those of us who are cooking, that means Let the madness commence! and those that are not cooking are like Oh yeah, I guess it's almost Thursday. That means Thanksgiving.

Normally I have been the non-cooker, as we were usually the smaller group and were invited to a bigger group. This is my second year cooking Thanksgiving, and I'm pretty nervous. Last year we had one of my best friends over (and her husband and toddler). Needless to say, it was pretty low key. This year.... We are having over my husband's buddy from work and his wife. I don't want to impress them per se, but it does feel crazy that this is like the first time I'm meeting them and by the way Happy Craziest Cooking Day Ever, er, I mean Thanksgiving.

So what to wear on such a day? You will be sweating over a hot stove, and then you shall put down your lovely apron (which is certainly covered in grease and flour) and go sit and toast, for which you must look lovely. Right? So funny. We work so hard and then are supposed to sit down and eat like a civilized person and not look like we worked so hard.

This year I'm thinking comfortable, stretchy clothes that don't look like they are "comfortable clothing" but they so are.

Think maxi skirts/dresses
I love this with the plaid!

Think layers (You don't want to wear a sweater while slaving over said hot stove)


Think stretchy "dress pants" or trousers
silk pants are in!

Think leggings and a tunic
Now is the time to break out those colorful leggings!

Think Comfy Casual Chic.

Or you could always just have your cute clothes laid out and run to change when your guests ring the doorbell. Whatever suits you ;)

I tell you what though...
I will not be wearing my skinny jeans! ;)

In other news, last night I made this Simple Apple Tart (Galette style) for a potluck. The potluck part was a fail, and hubby and I ended up getting Chick Fil A on the way home, but the Tart was AMAZING! So if you have apples laying around and some extra butter, I highly recommend this for.... breakfast... snack...dessert? It was so good. Eat it whenever. No one will complain.
Mixing the butter and flour

All pressed out and ready to chill

Folding it galette style!

Ready to bake!

Done. And SO SO GOOD!

And now, I'm going to go cook my turkey. Because that's how I roll.
Happy Day Before Thanksgiving! ;)

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