Thursday, November 28, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 28: Be.... thankful

I know what you're thinking... Adrienne, a topic about being thankful on Thanksgiving? Shocking! So original.

Ok, maybe you're feeling the same as me. Sentimental. So maybe not so sarcastic? ;)

I am so sentimental today.

I live about a 3 day drive (if you really try!) from my family, so spending holidays together is kinda rare most of the time.

But right now, instead of feeling mopey and sad, I feel nostalgic and thankful.

I am thankful that I could text my mom a picture of my turkey and ask her questions (Is it supposed to look like this?) and that we could compare menus to see if one of us forgot something (I almost forgot the devilled eggs, my husband's favorite!!)

I am thankful that even though we can't be together, I feel unified with my family. I love knowing that on Geegee's table, on my mom's table, and on my table is Geegee's fruit salad that we will all enjoy at our Thanksgiving meals.

I am feeling lots of love for my family as I bake and cook things for them that I know they are excited about and will enjoy. I love nourishing their bodies and their souls.

I am in awe of my boys this week. They often run me ragged, but this week I am seeing evidence of their growth in front of my eyes. R is eating constantly, and E's vocabulary is expanding everyday. This morning I heard him say the baby equivalent of  "Did you get the blocks?" to R. A full sentence!

I found R twice today with a bag of baby carrots as his snack. Apparently, I will be keeping those on hand for my little bunny rabbit!

I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving, friends. Is there a special dish that is on every table in your family today?

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