Friday, November 29, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 29: Thinking about basics

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Now that Thanksgiving is over and I assume we all survived, I am ready to get back to talking about building a cohesive wardrobe that suits you.

Today I want to talk about choosing basics. I think that a lot goes into choosing good basics that you will really wear and be happy with. However... I'm not really going to give you a specific thing to buy.

I have been on blogs that say "Get this t-shirt in this color, here's where to buy it", and those blogs can be a really great place to start, especially if we are new to shopping or learning how to dress nicely. And sometimes you just love what that girl has, so it's really nice to know the source she uses for her awesome tastes.

For me, I have bought "other people's basics" before, and they just hang in my closet unworn. Or I would just go through Target and grab a V-neck in each color, without a rhyme or reason to it (and that lilac shirt hung in my closet a long time. I bought it, I should wear it, right?)

How to Choose Basics for Your Style, Shape, and Colors

1. What's your shape? How should your basics flatter your shape?

2. What are your colors?

3. What is your style? What basics do you on your pinterest board that you are drawn to?

Love the v-neck tucked into a skirt
An example

Let's take myself as an example here. Let's say I'm shopping for a t-shirt. My shape is an hour glass. I have a full bust, so I am not comfortable wearing a crew-neck t-shirt because it accentuates my boobs a lot (it also doesn't go with my very feminine romantic style) but I do have a lot of V-necks and boat neck shirts on my pinterest board. I am going to choose an ivory color, because that is my main neutral, and is also pinned in a lot of my boards. The other thing that was important to me is that it I wanted it to drape well. I have two ivory V-necks, one is thick and the other thin. I like the thin one better for my style because I am using it in a lot of different ways. I like it layered, and I like it tucked, so thin works well for me. (I ended up going with one from Urban Outfitters, but if you get one beware that my normal size fits a bit loose, so I'm sizing down next time)

So, when you are choosing a basic, try to see it for the complete picture it provides. What will that piece look like when put with other things?

Something else I'm realizing is that I have a really hard time with jeans. I am picky about the way they look and I get discouraged shopping for them. But I don't actually have a lot of jeans on my pinterest. Maybe my problem is that jeans aren't really a good basic for me. Maybe I need to look for some versatile skirts and warm tights, or some more vintage style pants rather than jeans.

Good Basics to Consider

A t-shirt in your styling and color choice

A chambray- There are many washes, fits, thicknesses and stylings. Choose one that will be versatile with what you like. I actually have one that is loose and a light wash that I like to wear to dress down a super girly outfit, and then I have a thinner one that is fitted and a dark wash that I wear tucked into skirts.

A striped shirt- I'm still on the lookout for a boatneck with thin ivory and gray stripes, but I do have a sweater that is fun for the winter :) Yours should be in a pattern and shape that goes with that styling you like. Maybe some stripes that are kind punk-rock-ish, or some nautical inspired ones.

Some blouses for layering and changing the look of an outfit- Think about the textures, colors, patterns, and necklines involved. Something with a fun neckline or ruffles can be great for layering. We will talk more about this in detail later on. One of my favorites is an ivory chiffon.... it is sleeveless and has a high neckline with a a tie-neck. A good button up in your favorite styling is another good one (plaid, polka dots, a plain color or neutral ,etc) A wrap top is another good ones for an hourglass, and an empire waist blouse would be great for a circle shape.

A blazer- My favorite is a fitted gray one.

A cardigan or two- Preferably in your neutrals, or one of your main colors and a neutral. I have a grandpa cardigan that gets a lot of use, and then also a beigey slouchy one that adds texture and warmth to an outfit.

I think that is enough to think about for today. There are obviously more things you need in your wardrobe, but pants and skirts and dresses feels like it would be better left in another post (here!).

What kind of basics are you working on for your wardrobe?

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