Monday, November 4, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 4: Wearing an Awesome Skirt

             Coral (or any pink-orange color?) is my favorite color to wear. I bought this skirt at a Goodw*ll, and it has some cool detailing up by the waist and it has pockets (yesss!!) These are some of the ways that I wear it. If you are not so into the high waisted deal, a lot of these tips would work with a different waistline as well. If you don't like the extra bulk this skirt has at the hip area, just find one with a smoother waistline, without those pleats. Also, look for one in a color you wear a lot, so it will go with most things in your closet! I love vintage and I'm a sucker for (almost) anything with a high waist.
Wear It with a Blazer
Here's what I wore to church yesterday. I like that the blazer and skirt are both structured, but while the skirt is vintage, the blazer is modern. 

Blazer, thrifted. Skirt, thrifted. Tank, the Loft outlet, bag, Coach outlet (clearance, 50% off!) shoes, Nine west

Wear It with something Tough
I love pairing something ladylike with something tough like a motorcycle jacket.
See, I'm tough!
Wear It Sweet
Paired with a slouchy cardigan and flats.
Cardigan, AE. Shoes, urban outfitters

Here it is with a grandpa cardigan and comfy flats!
Both sweater and shoes are from Target a few seasons ago, I think
Wear It Like a Punk
The stripes and sneakers tie in a little bit of edge and keep it casual.
Tee, thrifted. Scarf and shoes, old
See, I'm rockin! Right? ;)
Wear It Mod
I'm just crazy for these stripes!

Sweater, the Loft outlet
Wear It Like a Lady
I love this skirt paired with a chambray and pearls! The pearls are wrapped 3 times and the shirt is buttoned all the way up and tucked in, with the sleeves rolled up.
Shirt, the Loft outlet. Pearls, the Loft outlet. Shoes, thrifted

And here it is with the necklace wrapped twice and the shirt is tied at the waist!
What color would you wear? Do you favor the high-waisted pencil skirt, or do you rock a more modern low-waisted A-line?


  1. The tied at the waist chambray is my favorite look here. I tend to wear fuller skirts so the low-waisted A-line would probably be better for me.

  2. I love full skirts too! I still like them high waisted, I admit. ;)

  3. Love the ladylike and motorcycle jackets best!

  4. Yep, it's official. You're adorable. And now I want to go shopping! Good thing I have to wait till this belly goes away again. ;-)

  5. If you go to Goodwill, its cheap cheap! ;) Just get extra stretchy? And thanks!