Wednesday, November 6, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally more Vibrant You) Day 6: Treat Your Soul Fever

There has been some serious soul fever around here lately. If you haven't heard of it before, what it means is about like what it sounds. It is a concept from the book Simplicity Parenting, and here is a link to their site with a bunch of articles on it, and how to fix it!

My little frequent flyer loves airplanes! (Pic from our move)
Anyways, the idea is that a soul fever is the emotional equivalent of a physical fever. You (or your child) is out of sorts, not their best selves. We have had a lot of errands the last few days, and in the last few months we moved across the country, Husband/Daddy has returned home from deployment, and we went on vacation. We are finally ready for some normal, some routine. These kids need it so much, and so do I.

This pretty much sums up their reactions to Daddy being home. R is thrilled and E is.... not sure.
So today, we are going to stay home and bake some bread, make some yogurt, play in the dirt (or whatever other sensory experience I feel motivated to pursue, maybe play-dough or rice?) and organize things around here.

It is time for the chaos to disappear and for peace to abound!

If I'm lucky, they'll even take naps.
Sleeping babies (pic from a beach trip we took a few months ago)
Have you experienced soul fever lately? What things do you do to bring your home to peace?


  1. We have definitely been feeling this recently! We moved out of our apartment and into a rental house, plus a new pregnancy and some traveling.... all has us a little 'feverish'! I've been working slowly towards regaining more routine working out what I can do to make this ugly house more homey and comfortable for us.

  2. I'm sure you are doing a great job. From what I have seen, you have mad skills for color!