Thursday, November 7, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 7: Let your hair do its thang!

There are so many tutorials out there for ways to style your hair, how to use a flat iron in crazy ways, etc. I'm a fan of that stuff, really. But, I think that when you can tap into what your hair naturally loves to do, and accept it as the way that you were made... there is something special and unique and good about that.

My short hair, right after R was born

It definitely takes some experimenting and some practice. I grew my hair out for years to get it to the right length, because I have so. much. hair. that it goes kind of poofy when it is short, so I have to work a bit to tame it. So, when your hair looks great and doesn't need a lot of heat or effort to style it, that's the sweet spot.


Accept what looks good on you. I have tried many times to go without bangs, and slowly I get on this slippery slope where one day I hate my hair and don't know why and feel like I can't do anything with it. And then I cut in bangs, and all is right with the world. I love me some trendy bangs. I usually have a heavy side swoop, but I have also done the half moon bangs and loved that for a season. Currently my bangs are somewhere between heavy side swoop and reese-y piece-y (see link).
Disclaimer: Don't take eeeeeveryone else's opinions about your hair. Look honestly at pictures of yourself, and consider what others have to say, but don't take it as fact.

E is a few weeks old here, my hair was at an awkward phase... growing it out is tough!

That being said.... Get a good haircut. Please I beg you, do not go to the Sam who thinks he is so Fantastic. I despise that chain, sorry. I pay about $30 bucks total to get my haircut, so I'm not all into expensive haircuts either. Your hair may not even need to be cut that often. With growing out my long hair, I got lots of layers and only got it trimmed every 6 months. But the trims made such a difference! I cut my bangs myself (and I also cut that super short hair up there, so I'm pretty comfortable with scissors...) from watching videos and reading articles online. If you aren't into that, you may be able to set up just a bang trim every 4- 6 weeks.

Tips for Choosing A Stylist

 #1 If you are lucky enough to be around a lot of women all the time, start asking them (with great hair) where they get it done. Hopefully you will hear the same answer more than once, and you have your place.
However! If you are going somewhere for the first time and have never heard of them....

Hair is getting better! E was almost 6 mos old

#2. Look around. You want the woman cutting your hair to be way cuter. way edgier. way crazier. than you ever want to look. Trust me. Even if you are conservative, you might not want a conservative looking woman cutting your hair. Unless she has the chic-est looking hair ever. . Its those crazy chicks with blue streaks and piercings in weird places that you want.

#3 Ya know.... Google it.;)

3 years after cutting my hair so short, I am finally happy with it.
That all being said, here is a non-blue-streaked super cute hairstylist (rules are for breaking, right?), and she has a fantastic blog for tutorials you can do at home! Check out The Small Things Blog!

What do you think? What's your experience with hair happiness?


  1. I FINALLY found my hair person here just last week! You are so right about the "she must be way trendier/chic-er" than you thing. I haven't been this happy with my hair since we left Alaska!

  2. Awesome! When you have littles, hair is the last thing we should have to worry about. Having a good hair cut can really take a lot off of your...shoulders. ;D