Friday, November 8, 2013

(30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 8: Beauty Matters

Beauty is a tricky thing. You may put a lot of effort into looking nice, but maybe you feel like you are perceived as being vain or self-centered. Perhaps, you are on the opposite side. You get dressed in the morning, hoping to be invisible. Or maybe you are that small percentage that really doesn't care, and you think you look fine no matter what (you go, girl!).

The world (culture, society) has taken our desire to feel beautiful and twisted it. We feel it's wrong to want to be beautiful at all, but at the same time every magazine and tv show is covered in seductive women....marketing an idea that sex is all that we have to offer. Being a sexual conqueror is not what makes us beautiful, or what makes us women. We are designed to be in a give and take love relationship.. You are designed to want to feel beautiful, and your husband is designed to see your beauty and appreciate it.

So let's take back beauty. You can be beautiful for YOU, for your husband. You can be your best, not because of how you compare to someone or how you compare to a magazine, but because how you feel about yourself matters.
Me and my Mama :) The most confident woman I know!

We need to be confident women who feel good in our own skin, who feel beautiful, and who express ourselves to the world through the way we dress.

Let's rethink what it means to be feminine, to be lovely, to be beautiful, to be woman. A woman is someone to be loved, cherished, protected, adored, and yes, desired.

God created us in his own image. And He said it was good. Eve is not the only one He called good. He crafted each of us in our mothers' wombs and He says YOU are good. I am good. My (hypothetical) daughter is good (so far I only have boys, but I always think of how I would want to teach my daughter about beauty and how God feels about her).

How can you learn to look your best? Research what shapes and colors are flattering for you. Take advantage of fashion savvy confident women. Learn about your hair type and find a hairstylist (or a friend, or a blog!) who can help you manage it. Read online about tips for everyday hair and makeup. If you don't have a lot of money, search in thrift stores. It may take longer, but you will eventually find a pair of jeans that looks great on you for $5. It is worth the effort.

Because as much as we don't like to admit it, beauty matters.

What can you do today to feel beautiful?

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  1. You two are beautiful. Your mom could honestly be mistaken for an older sister.