Friday, November 1, 2013

Flying bunnies!

R's bed, and his bunny!

I have been on a hunt for a good toddler sized comforter for awhile now. My boys (R is 3 and E is 16 months) are now both in their big boy beds, and I have been unsatisfied with what I found in stores and online. The ones in stores always seemed to be polyester (I prefer natural fibers because they breathe!) and the ones online always seem more expensive than my bedding... nonsense! So I finally bit the bullet and made the boys blankets for R's birthday. They match because I suspect within a year, my little guys will be sharing a room (currently, E sleeps on his own bed in our room). We are going for vintage-y Bunnies/Airplanes/Bears. The fabric I found was a perfect fit! The print fabric is a flannel from the nursery section at Joann's, and then each is backed with a flannel solid (blue for R, and green for E- their colors) I used this tutorial as a guide.

E's bed, next to our floor bed :)
Close-up of the print, so sweet!

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