Friday, November 1, 2013

We are Woodland Creatures!

Halloween was a moderate success around here. I spend last weekend and early this week making costumes, and then spent the rest of the week down with a cold and then mastitis. Needless to say, my house is trashed, but we had a good time. We ran out of candy within an hour, but oh well. Its our first Halloween with kids!
Whoo whoo! I'm an owl ;)
I made my owl dress using this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess (one of my favorite blogs!!) as a guide, and was also inspired by this owl costume.

You can sorta see the bunny ears here
R was a Bunny, and he did an amazing job passing out a piece of candy to every kid, in spite of his usually shy personality. I sewed this hat from fleece and some of this bear fabric from E's hat. He was super still for his face painting. He says "I'm a bunny, hop hop!" See tutorial here: Bunny hat

E was a bear! Bears are his favorite. I made the hat by just tracing one he already had and sort of made it up as I went along. Getting a toddler to be still for face painting was... interesting. ;)

And my handsome hubby was a wolf! We used lots of inspiration off of images online, but mostly made it up as we went. The main piece is the hat, which we glued all the facial pieces and the fun fur all over it. I was very meticulous about it! :) Then I also made him some wolf gloves by gluing the fun fur all over some fingerless gloves (I cut off the tips of a cheap pair of gloves) and then he safety pinned some "chest hair" to a t-shirt and left that button up open at the top.
We also offered coffee to our neighbors as they walked around in the somewhat cold, hence the reason he looks like a wolf barista ;)
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! What did your family dress up as?

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