Friday, November 1, 2013

(30 Days To A Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 1: Why?

I have always been a tips person... an advice person. I will tell you where I bought what, which coffee shop has the best coffee, why I like my ergo better than my wrap, you name it... I probably have an opinion. I don't like confrontation though... and since my opinions tend to lean... well, not always normal, I have started keeping to myself more. And I don't really like it. Where is that balance, where someone can understand that the way you do things is your opinion, and it isn't about condemning theirs?

Me, happy and exhausted that baby is sleeping on an airplane
I have started this blog, not to discourage or shame anyone, but in hopes to inspire and motivate you. And honestly, to inspire and motivate myself. My family is reintegrating from a deployment, so it has been a rough year. I haven't felt like myself for a long time. Adrienne who doesn't try her best sounds more fun, and more relaxed. But the truth is, it just means I'm depressed. It means I feel completely out of sorts, overwhelmed, and underwhelmed all at the same time. So here I am. Let's be our best together. Let's do life well. Happy November!


  1. Thank you Adrienne for being so real! I can relate to not feeling myself. I went through a couple years of working extremely stressful jobs then almost a year of struggling to recover. I feel like I'm just starting to feel myself again. So I'm happy to take this journey with you! Its totally ok to be who God created you to be! So share those opinions!! I love who you are.

  2. Love the blog and a chance to stay connected with you and your family. Miss living even semi close with all of you :( Pumpkin puree is the best and have done it for years! you can even add pie spices to it so it is ready for the holidays! Oh an Fyi I went to one of our family markets and she was telling me that the hubbard squash is way more flavorful than the pumpkin! She hasn't made a pumpkin pie in years! They grow them so I am sure they know more wo I am going to get one this weekend. Although the hubbard squash is ugly! Keep up being the wonderful young lady you have become. Love and miss you!

  3. Thank you lovely ladies! Love you back! ;)