Friday, December 13, 2013

Camera Love (Pic Heavy!)

I got my new camera!! (Well, new to me.)

I am in love.

It's harder than I thought to take certain kinds of pictures though. I've had a lot of blurry ones...

Here are some pictures that will make Gramma and Mimi very happy.

After picking up the camera, I took the kids to the park. Because I wanted to try out the camera. Because I'm a good mom. We had so much fun! My kids seriously love slides.

Chasing a girl to throw leaves at her, of course

Go down the slide and I'll take your picture! No.

Every time.

 Last night I got to go on a real date with my husband! Which happens about once a year. :)

Ooh, we're on a date!

I got Cake Batter ice cream. I always do!

He was acting like my paparazzi. I was super embarrassed.
Pumpkin and marshmallow shake (weirdo)


  1. A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e, and the kids were cute too ;)

  2. Pumpkin and marshmallows are awesome!

  3. Yay for your new camera! That is sooo cool! And perfect timing - I bet you'll have a lot of great things to take pictures of over the holidays!

    And yay for cake batter ice cream - I love it soooo much!

    1. We seem to have a lot in common! ;)

      The looming holidays (including hubby's bday) is a big reason I got the camera so quickly! Our other one is so slow, the kids would have already gone through a present by the time it captured the shot...