Monday, December 30, 2013


Christmas Eve
We had a lovely Christmas! I hope you did too. Last year, my husband was deployed, and right after opening presents (at my parents' house) I got really woozy, and I was so sick. I had the flu for like a week after that!

Mommy, look!
Needless to say, this Christmas was much more pleasant. My husband is home, I'm not sick, and while I did miss my family, we had a really nice relaxed day with the kids.

Sleepy eyes :)
 Sometimes they get kind of overstimulated by holidays or too much attention, but the present time was pretty relaxed, and we gave the kids sensory bin (totes).

Rice is happening...

 One filled with rice and various scoops, and the other one with water related items like sponges, brushes, cups so that they can have a water bin too. We haven't played with that one yet, but there was rice everywhere! It was definitely a Christmas treat. Next time, the rice play will happen in the kitchen instead of living room and on a tablecloth so I can pour a lot of it back in :) The sensory bins definitely put them into their quiet busy mode (which I like much better than their loud energetic mode, which is more common around here).

Busy at work
Monkey bread is ready to go in the oven!
We have Monkey Bread every Christmas morning

Thanks for the blocks, Gramma and Grampa!
These blocks were made for walking...

Happy New Year, friends! We will be staying in, playing games, and probably going to bed way before midnight. Because our kids get up at 6. And I just can't hang like that, ya'll.

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