Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Laughable, almost.

This last weekend I painted my toenails, which doesn't happen very often. They are a lovely fuchsia color now, if you're curious.

A few hours after painting them, I smelled the nail polish smell in my kitchen. Didn't think about it. Later, I looked down and realized that the nail polish remover had spilled all over the counters. My camera was sitting in the puddle :(. I wiped it off, cleared the counter, tossed out the binder soaked in that smell, and went about my day.

Later I went to take a picture... My camera is basically melted. You can turn it on, but it flashes this ominous white screen. You can't even open the battery, because the plastic is too melted together right there. So that's real life over here. I have a less awesome camera I can use... but I'm not sure where the cords are that go with it.

So, these are the last pictures from the Cybershot. RIP, little guy.
Top and trousers both thrifted!
This is another of my attempts at this new Pear Shape thing. These pants are wide leg trousers that I bought awhile ago at the thrift store. They need a bit of alteration, because the waist is a tad too big (making them more low rise than I like) and they are too long, which is making them puddle awkwardly. I may just keep them until I get a better fitting pair and then donate them again :)
I love the vintage vibe of this outfit, while being just as comfortable as jeans and a tee.
pleated poppy

**Update I'm looking on craigslist, and I might be getting a Canon Rebel today! I'm so excited... I think it'll really help my blog take it up a notch! (Also, my kids are really cute....;))
I am linking up today at the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday!

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