Monday, December 30, 2013

We're moving!

Not the blog.

Just my family. Across the country.

The blog has not had as much of my attention lately, because of Christmas, yes. But also because we found out that we are moving sooner rather than later. However, because of a variety of factors, we are actually still waiting to find out "for sure" if we are moving. You know what I'm talking about if you are military. So we are in the limbo of trying to be hopeful for the best and ready for the worst. We have been making a variety of plans for each scenario, whether our move is delayed or whether we suddenly have a week to get packed up before our truck comes. The army can move you, or you can do it yourself. Our plan is to do it ourselves (DITY). *hyperventilates*

I knitted that hat!

Just kidding. We have actually done it before. I moved the kids and I during the deployment, so I am pretty familiar with the process. Actually... we have never had the Army move us, now that I think about it. We are just Do It Yourself kinda people I guess.

Yard sale!
This past weekend we had a yard sale as a way to kick off our moving preparations.

 After the yard sale, I got the camera lens I have been crushing on! Yess! We have been able to play around with artsier pictures because of camera-y things that I am not smart enough to explain yet. :)

Straw? :)

This entertained him for a long time. Love those pudgy hands...

Reading a baby book while we wait for food

Playing with our new lens while we wait for Starbucks drive thru

I love this man.

We learned it is hard to take selfies with this lens

Movie night :)

I'm gonna go... make another list... :) 

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  1. Eric's eyes really look hazel in a couple of those pics!