Monday, December 2, 2013

What I've learned from blogging for a month :)

Delving into the world of blogging has been interesting. I learned that I really enjoy it. It kinda reminds me of "free writing" in school. The teacher just wanted us to write about whatever we wanted for about a page, and she would read it and sort of "comment" on the side if she liked something I said. I loved it. My problem was, I had to only write a page. ;)

I started the 30 day series as a way to make sure I really gave blogging a shot, but I may go back and change the name. I'm not sure it was cohesive enough to be called a series.

I learned that it is harder to take pictures of yourself than you might think.

I learned that once you take pictures of yourself and post them on the internet, it is easier to decide whether you love or hate that outfit.
This dress is off to goodwill...

I learned that blogging is a strange thing... When I am a blog reader, I don't comment. An article might deeply impact me, or change the way I think about my clothes (or whatever topic I'm learning about) and I might study it like it is law and fact... But never leave a comment.

Now that I am a blog writer, I am more aware of that. I try to comment. Because I really, really, like comments. But sometimes I still don't comment. I don't know why.

I learned that while I thought I was an hourglass body shape... I may actually be kind of a triangle. Thanks to this picture:

I always thought your chest had a lot to do with your shape... But suddenly I realized, it says shoulders and hips are what you are measuring by. I have tiny shoulders. Like... I often need to adjust them, or buy the tops where the straps are adjustable. Otherwise, I end up showing a bunch of cleavage or where my bra meets my underarm area. Because my shoulders are small and my straps are big. And I have wide hips. I am a triangle. I am a pear. How did I not see it? So I have been totally rethinking my wardrobe now that I realize that. Mind = blown.
SO, here's what I am wearing today for my triangle self. It must be working, because my husband was all about me this morning ;)
Here's why it works. The jacket has structured shoulders and a collar, which brings attention to the shoulder area, making it appear a bit bigger or wider (which balances out, since my hips are wide) Also, it is a little bit long and straight, and since I'm wearing my skinny jeans, it helps camouflage that hip area a little bit.

This jacket has the coolest pockets!

Found this VINTAGE HANDMADE JACKET at a thrift store. So cool!

The artist. :) Thanks guy! Also, each side has a deep inside pocket. Perfect for a mama!

I did rag curls last night because my hair was wet, so when it ended up very curly this morning, it inspired me to go with the more structured jacket to keep things balanced.

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  1. I liked reading what you've learned during blogging! I definitely think it's been crazy to look back at my clothing styles and see how much has changed during the time I started posting my outfits. It's weird but so fun! I like today's outfit!

    Oh and I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog - I am a new follower via bloglovin!

  2. Awesome thrifty find! Love it with the ruffled top :)