Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Getting back to "normal"...

 Lately.... Its been a lot of teething and hanging out with this guy. I find that my kids get clingy when they start to make big milestones. E is 18 months old now, and his vocabulary is expanding every day. He astounds me! We are also entering that "terrible two" phase (which is more like 18 months to 30 months or something) where he is wanting to do things his way. It's an odd phase, and one that feels a bit easier the 2nd time around ;) He hasn't been in the wrap in a long time, and he thought it was hilarious!

Took a day to go visit a cavern. The entrance was so big! We couldn't believe it.

This was our favorite. I think it was called a Whale Mouth or Whale Cave?

There is water in the desert!

I have begun knitting myself some rainbow socks! This part will be the leg. I am using Elizabeth Zimmerman's moccasin sock pattern. If you are a knitter and not familiar with Elizabeth Zimmerman, she is amazing and basically a knitting genius. :)

This is the "cave" my kids have been playing in. Moving does have some perks!

We have started packing our first boxes. About two weeks left until things start to really get crazy around here! Which means... I need to pack some more boxes today ;)

I have been online house hunting A LOT. I seem to like either really big or really small old houses. Hmm... I am so ready to be there in person. Looking online is wonderful, but there are certain things you just can't see/feel/smell until you are there.

I don't know about you, but the holidays threw me way off! Today is my husband's first full day back to work in a long time, and I am planning to put music on, candles lit, maybe crack a few windows, and clean this place up. It has gotten way out of control! And I can feel it. I am ready to be in control again.


  1. I definitely feel you about wanting to be in control again after the holidays. The house was pretty terrible for us, but I can't really deep-clean when Josh is at home, ya know? So this week has been so nice, getting back into cleaning and taking care of things again. I feel like a good housewife again!

    1. Me too! Maybe someday I'll learn to be a good housewife while my husband is actually at home ;)